Sea Urchin Roe Pasta

10 May, 2011  |  Cooking, Pasta, Seafood

Sea Urchin Roe Pasta

Got these lovely sea urchins today from my local fishmonger Fin and Flounder. These were Scottish sea urchins, a bit different from the one’s we get in the Mediterranean.  They were simply delicious !

For the recipe just watch Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escape!


  1. Your spaghetti looks delicious! I’ve never had sea urchin roe, but I would love to be able to find it and give it a try. I wonder if you can make taramosalata with it?

  2. I LOVE sea urchin roe!! I wish I could find some in Holland.
    I’ve never had it with pasta but as a simple achinosalata.