Mosaiko (Greek dessert)

OK … After popular demand and a lot of discussion, here is the recipe for the “Mosaiko” or “Salami” or “Kormos” as it is called in Northern Greece 🙂


  • 450 gr Petit beurre
  • 250 gr milk
  • 125 gr Unsalted Butter
  • 180 gr brown sugar
  • 60 gr cocoa powder
  • pinch of grated nutmeg
  • 1 Tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 shot cognac or coffee liqueur
  • Foil

How to:

  • Crush the biscuits in a bag
  • In a pan place the milk, sugar and butter. Stir and be careful not to boil the ingredients
  • Add  the cocoa powder, a pinch of nutmeg, the vanilla and the liquer
  • Add the biscuits and stir gently until everything is incorporated well.
  • Get some foil, coat it with unsalted butter, and form the mix into a roll, wrap it up and put it in the freezer for about 4 hours.
  • Serve it in slices
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